Since our establishment, we have been involved in many projects focused on improving the business environments of Jordan and other Arab countries, such as reforming the Jordanian Business Inspection Regime, reforming the Building Permits System in Iraq, and developing an Event Permit System in the UAE. In addition, ATA has been involved in a number of other projects in different locations, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sudan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Djibouti.


Throughout all of our projects, ATA combines international best practices and guidelines with a deep understanding of local customs and regulatory systems. We also apply structured methods of collaboration with local partners in order to analyse local practices that help our partners make distinctive and substantial improvements.


At ATA, we recognize the growing expectations of society and the importance of all stakeholders. As such, we are committed to transparency and the participation of beneficiaries and stakeholders at all junctures. By working with local institutions and governments, ATA incorporates the strength of a community in order to foster inclusive growth and sustainable development.


Whilst drawing on the strength and experience of our core team, ATA partners with some of the highest caliber professionals and international organisations to support the implementation of any project. By working with individuals and firms such as Jacobs, Cordova & Asoc, Deloitte Consulting and Eversheds Sutherland, ATA guarantees work of the highest quality.