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Amman, Jordan
September 2010
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About ATA
Makeen (ATA) is a mission-driven local Jordanian consulting firm that specializes in policy development, policy advocacy, and regulatory reform in the Arab World. Since its establishment in 2010 as the first firm in the Arab World to specialize in public policy development and reform, Makeen has developed its own approach based on international guidelines and practices that ensure better regulatory environment and policy making process, using tailor made analytical tools and solutions.  


Local Knowledge
International Practices


ATA Team is ready to support a wide Range of Reformers

Public Sector

Cabinets / Executive Councils
Government Ministries
Independent Agencies
Sectoral Regulators

Civil Society

Business Associations
Chambers of Commerce
Chambers of Industry
Political Parties


Think Tanks
Donor Agencies
Development Organizations
Consulting Companies


For every project we are trusted to manage, ATA adopts the project management methodology to deliver its own unique customized approach. Based on the client’s needs, we can customize the different Reform Tools that we built over the years to provide a wide range of services that cover the full cycle of reform initiatives.

Reform Design & Management
Support in designing and managing your reform initiative whether it is a Policy or Advocacy project tackling a national, sectoral, or specific issue.
Public Sector Governance
Support Government Agencies in applying and assessing all 9 Governance Principles that cover Legislations, Leadership, Org. Structure, Finance, and other dimensions.
Specialized Research
Support in performing any focused and specialized research covering legal, institutional, economic, social, environmental & benchmarking that can endorse your policy or advocacy project.
Integrated Assessment
Support Government Agencies, Chambers & Business Associations in assessing Policies, Legislations and Processes using: Regulatory Impact Assessment Tool – RIA Standard Cost Model Assessment Tool We also work with our International Partners to apply the Regulatory Guillotine ™ Methodology and Tool.
Stakeholders’ Engagement & Consultation
Support Public Sector & Civil Society to engage citizens, business owners, youth, Members, BoD & other affected stakeholders in an organized consultation process related to any policy or advocacy initiative. 
Policy Papers, Position Papers
Support Government Agencies in formulating and publishing their policy statements and papers, and also work with NGOs and Associations to develop their position papers.
Legislation Quality Drafting
Support Government Agencies to draft simple and clear legislations based on good practices to ensure legality and transparency. We also support in assessing any published legislations according to clear criteria.   
Institutional Transformation
Support Public Sector & Civil Society in assess its structure and practices, and human resources capacity. We also help to update their strategic setup, streamline procedures, SOPs & manuals.   We also work with our partners to help move towards SMART E-Government, with fully integrated IT solutions.
Capacity Building
Whether you are a Public Servant, Policy Expert, or an NGO Specialist, we can support with our long list of specialized training courses such as: Policies - RIA & Consultation Rule of law in Legislations Advocacy Strategy and Campaigns How to manage positive and negative Change during a reform project. Customized training courses can also be developed to cover all the needs of all employees from different levels. 


ATA is home to incredible talents, resources, and expertise who form the foundation of our success and ongoing achievements.

Managing Partner

Mohammad has 26 years of experience as a Certified Project Management Professional, Trainer, and Advisor with an extensive experience in instituting change within public sector institutions and civil society with the aim of enhancing their competitiveness.

Partner / Senior Advisor

Rami has 23 years of experience in managing legal, social and economic development initiatives, and regulatory reform projects in this region. He is a consultant for many institutions in the region on many areas of policy development, governance, advocacy, and capacity building.


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